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Ever hear of the “Doctor Fix”?  How about the so-called sustainable growth rate, or “SGR” formula?

The latter refers to a formula to keep the escalating cost of Medicare in check to prevent the system from bankrupting itself.  It also refers to the formula by which doctors are reimbursed.  By now it is up to 27% that the fee schedule would be slashed.  However, at the “eleventh hour”, the system had always gotten a reprieve….until now!  As of 4/1/13, 2% reductions are already being seen and if a doctor’s practice has not converted to electronic health record keeping, the reimbursements at the end of the year will decline further.

Those medical practices that have a high percentage of patients covered by Medicare will be feeling the brunt.  Each group is asking themselves, “is it worth it?” or “can I afford it?”  For many, along with the aggravation associated with it and the stress, the answer is a resounding NO!  Where does that leave our seniors?  Where does that leave  us?

The American Medical ventolin no prescription buy Association has stated that it is “inexcusable that Congress is once again putting the 47 million Medicare patients and the practices of physicians who provide them needed health care at significant risk.”

Seniors who currently have coverage by United Health Group and AETNA to name a few in the advantage program will come to be sorely affected.  For one thing, if there is no doctor-patient relationship currently, they may not be able to find a physician since many practices are either refusing new patients or just giving up participation in tube program completely.

The payment formula came to be as part of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 and although suggestions have been made to wipe the formula off the books, it has never been corrected permanently by Congress.

With more baby boomers becoming seniors and eligible for Medicare every day, what will this do to Obamacare?  What will this do to the healthcare system in this country?  What are your views?

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