Well, today is Super Bowl Sunday and the country stops what its doing to watch…some for the game, some for the ads.  Either way, conversations abound with comments on both.



One of the featured articles online is “Can you name that Super Bowl commercial?”  It then goes on to give a few examples of popular ads that ran in the last few years along with a clip of the commercial.  This was brilliant strategy for the products placed in the ads.  People love testing themselves with trivia questions, especially when it comes to their favorite sports.  And what better way then to post it today on SuperBowl Sunday.  The ads and products although not made this year, get visibility and mileage all over again!







Can you imagine if you can somehow align yourself with all this so that you were seen by everyone clicking on the game, the ads and the trivia?! This is what you have in common with Tom Brady, The Patriots, Pepsi and all the commercials that everyone is aahing about today.

What would that do to your presence, your visibility and strengthening your brand? Wouldn’t prospective patients be talking about you too? You would be the buzz on social media and maybe even national networks!   What would that do to meteorically soar your practice over night?!





Your content marketing goal is after all to be seen.  What better way than for you to be linked to one of the most watched television programs of the year!  Maybe you can post your own football trivia today or past commercial trivia.  With your creativity, think how you can be affiliated with “the game”.