This time of year, you can’t help tuning in to social media or television and hearing about some awards, whether it is SAG or People’s Choice, buy finpecia hair loss, Emmys, Globe or Upcoming Oscars. You can read about what they are wearing, what projects they are involved in, what affairs they are having.  The stories spread like wildfire.  Do you have captivating stories as a physician or healthcare provider…  Stories that you can use in medical marketing?

Imagine if somehow, you and your medical practice were linked to these stories?  Imagine the exposure you would get!

This is just what big name advertisers, marketing our health like P&G (Proctor and Gamble) are doing, having hitched their star to those in Hollywood with social media marketing.  Even Jennifer Lopez who will be hawking a women’s shaver line for P&G will blast across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (the three largest viewed social media sites).

Advertising this way is seen as far more economical than the traditional forms of media.

Knowing that the public is clamoring for the Pre-Oscar hype, there will be a tremendous surge in the viewing of the social media sites. Hence marketers of healthcare products along with health and wellness writers will climb the bandwagon and vie for exposure on the “Big 3” sites.

Unilever will be exposing their Dove Body Wash products by attaching to the popularity of Dancing with the Stars and will have a social media blast.

Remember when Suzanne Somers hawked the advantages of bio hormone therapy?  This wasn’t coming from someone in the health field but masses were tuning in and listening to her.  Can you imagine if you were linked to her?  How about affiliation with the Doctors Show.

Clearly, this is going to be increasingly the way we obtain our information about health and wellness in the future.

Think of who you can be linked to that would garner attention and be in sync with your services.