This week, a list of “cool websites” was compiled and reported by  Nicholas Genes, MD, PhD.  Since it was quite helpful, I would like to share them with you.


This site offers a look at morbidity and mortality conferences


In  The Incidental Economist, contributors post discussions about U.S. discount xanax healthcare


1 Minute Ultrasound is a great app that provides podcasts and written material on sonograms from how to perform them to how to diagnose pathological images.


This site links to videos of medical paradise, his TEDMED talk and to the the Las Vegas new clinic and healthcare model


Provides open-access medical education with tips, cases and reviews on various aspects of critical care, emergency medicine, ECGs, sonography, physical exams and more.  Founders Mike Cadogan and Chris Nickson can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Google+


See unusual CTs and x-ray images with commentary, questions and answers in Radiology Signs


EMR & EHR Website  seeks to reveal and discuss  the complex issues of healthcare information technology and explain where IT regulations and technology is heading. It provides links to related websites as well as interviews and guest posts.


TweetMap Alpha is a service that enables you to see topics people are talking about and where they are. By entering a word to denote a symptom, disease or name, you get to see the Twitter traffic on the world map in any given time frame.   


Care for a laugh?  Then you will have fun at GomerBlog, where the “daily ins and outs” of medicine are lampooned.   Some recent headlines:


Written by Dr. Mark Reid, find provocative and thoughtful axioms of the day. Examples are:

“One reason doctors’ kids turn out funny is that it’s so hard to get their parents’ attention. At least that’s what my kid just told me.”

“Bacteria are like cops. The good ones outnumber the bad ones many times over. But they get less press.”


Other Helpful sites

To this list, I would like to add two of my own which you may find extremely helpful.

This site provides the latest medical news, updates on drugs, references, and education with many learning opportunities.  It also shines a light on comparisons between specialties and comparisons between private and employed physicians.

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s site brings you the latest information and development of various types of cancer and treatment protocols for these malignancies.

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