According to Medscape’s Coronavirus Resource Center published today, a hospital employee from Aurora Hospital in a Milwaukee suburb removed 57 Moderna’s vaccine vials for coronavirus from the refrigerator and allowed them to expire so that it was necessary to discard them.

This employee “acknowledged that they intentionally removed the vaccine from refrigeration,” although the reason behind it is still unknown.  The FBI and FDA are investigating this incident which follows on the heels of a physician arrested for defrosting 500 vaccinations from Pfizer, making them ineffective.  This was actually worse because a number of patients received the ineffective vaccinations before it was discovered.

These incidences are heartbreaking when you look at the number of new Coronavirus cases still rising as well as the number of people trying to log onto various sites trying to get the vaccine to no avail.

Why do you think that sabotaging the vials is taking place?