Well, the increase in expenses bandied about, is now here!

Chantel Sheaks,an employee benefits lawyer  from Buck Consultants of Xerox points out “especially at a time when we are facing economic uncertainty, companies will be hit with a multi-million dollar assessment without getting anything back for it” The assessment levied on companies works out to an additional $63-per-person to cover pre=existing conditions that will now be covered.  This is programed to raise $25 billion.

The bulk of the money is slated to offset unpredictable costs for covering individuals with medical problems- so we are helping offset any expenses to insurance companies.

This is the start of tax hikes all over, with various increases in taxes and fees to finance healthcare for those mail order ventolin inhaler uninsured presently, including higher Medicare taxes effective this Jan.1 on those making more than $200,00 annually.

Employers, currently offering insurance coverage to their employees don’t understand why they have the additional expense for the stabilization fund- helping out the insurance companies.  Those with the most employees will be liable for tens of millions of dollars.  Paul Fronstin of the nonprofit Employee Benefit Research Institute states “it just adds on to everything else that is expected to increase healthcare costs”.

Will this signal a stampede of large companies, wary of these expenses eating into their profits, to go abroad?  This will be a loss to additional jobs- a loss already devastating our country now!

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