Blogging is one of the best strategies for health marketing. It enables you to publish relevant, interesting and engaging content for both current patients and readers you can convert to your patients in the future. It is a way to let your personality shine through while informing readers of new medical breakthroughs, advice, valuable tips or a way to highlight the valuable services that you provide.

Blogging is a way to add fresh content to your site.  This is rewarded by the search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Google) by boosting your ranking.  Watch how your website advances to page one.

But blogging can be time-consuming and not always easy.  Now there is a tool that helps with this!

Blogo was voted the best application of 2016 in the Apple Store.

Blogo is a blog editor that combines simplicity with powerful features, providing the tools to create amazing content taking you between idea and publication.It’s the easiest and fastest way to write, publish and manage multiple blogs, even interfacing with WordPress and Evernote.

Writing studio

You get a real, live preview of what others see when you post. Select rich text or markdown, embed HTML or use syntax highlighting for your code.

When you find something on a social media site of interest (Youtube, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Google) the “Send to Blogo” extension makes it easy to add content from it. Add content and edit them with the built-in media editor.

Engage your viewers with moderate and reply comments from a single dashboard.  Schedule and organize multiple blogs, posts, pages and drafts with powerful search and filter functions.


Use Blogo on Mac, iPhone or iPad and keep all your publishing preferences in sync. Blogo supports Handoff so you can pick up where you left off when switching between devices.

Blogo Pro has a fantastic set of time-saving features, built for writers looking for productivity and growth.

Multiple Sites

Manage unlimited blogs from a single dashboard. Blogo offers a seamless experience while switching between your WordPress, Medium, and Blogger sites.

Media Search

The fastest way to find amazing videos, images, gifs and music from YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy, 500px and more. Search, find and add them magically on your post.

 Sync with Evernote

Store your notes, drafts, and inspirations on Evernote? Now you can smart sync and publish them using Blogo’s awesome integration.

Boost Your Audience

Forget about duplicated content. Blogo’s SEO friendly Social Mirror means you can share to Medium with a single click.  Adding custom metadata to your posts has never been easier.

This app. allows you to give it a free whirl to see whether it is a good fit for you.  Why not see if you get benefit? Go to and check it out.

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