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This site claims to make it easy for use of simple videos to establish relationships through social connections, email and text. Their proof is pretty persuasive that video really is a better way to communicate.

According to the results of the survey done by BombBomb, when including videos in emails for those polled:

  • 77% improved email opens as a consequence of video
  • 20% doubling or more of their results from email campaigns including video
  • 81% increase in generating replies
  • 87% boost in email clicks
  • 60% of leads converted to clients or customers
  • 90% of people stayed in touch
  • 56% generated referrals

These statistics are quite impressive. They show that video improves person-to-person connection when you can’t be there live.

Since people do business with those they know, like and trust, video marketing just seems the way to go for now and in the future.

Have you tried it yet?  Check it out and share your experiences in the comment box below.