Even medical professionals have a few minutes of down time.  Writing a series of blogs all at once which can then be scheduled over the course of the following week and inserted into various social media channels not only saves time, but also lets you have your posts during hectic peak work schedules.

A great tool that accomplishes this is Buffer.


Buffer is a tool that saves time in managing different social media channels by connecting with well-trafficked social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. Not only does Buffer makes it simple to schedule posts,  and manage all your accounts in one place, it even analyzes performance of your posts so that you know whether or not they are effective and engaging with your viewers and prospective patients.

This tool can post your content at a scheduled date and time with the automatic publish feature. It’s ideal for reducing wasted time in logging into all your social media accounts for posting your written content, videos and images.

Sign up is free. The free version allows you to have up to 3 social accounts with no additional charge for additional team members.  As many as 10 scheduled posts are permitted for each social account.  The social networks within the free version include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Instagram

I certainly recommend starting here until you are experienced with the use of Buffer and this may be the scope of the work that you are doing.  If you outgrow the parameters of the free version, there are other paid versions available with increased scope of work. On the paid versions, Pinterest is added to the available social networks, so consider whether your target patients are active on Pinterest or not. This will partially help you decide on an upgrade.

The next step is the Pro version of the Starter Plans for $15 per month.  This increases the social accounts to 8, with up to 100 Scheduled posts per social account. The Business plans range in price between $99 to $399 per month, working with 8- 150 social accounts and 100-2000 scheduled posts.

These huge numbers reflect the size of the institution with a health facility and many post contributors.  If you are a small practice, you would more likely want to remain with the starter plan versions. They are sufficient and work well.

Instructional webinars are provided on the site to help you understand how the tool works and to easily get you started. Buffer also has a top podcast on iTunes-” The Science of Social Media”

Buffer is certainly something to check out!

Stay tuned to Thursday when you get another helpful tip!