As providers of healthcare, you nurture and “provide healthcare”.  You are healers- that’s what you do.  In order to draw attraction to yourself and your services, you know that you need to engage audiences and increase visibility but how to do that is often a mystery.

It’s not a mystery anymore!

3 Free Marketing Tools

Here are some tools that you can use without drawing any money from your budget while attracting and engaging viewers.

1.Headline Creation: CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Studies show that 85% of your viewers will determine whether to read your work or delete it based on the headline alone.  So, with this crucial part of your content, you need to be sure that the headline is high-quality and doing it’s job.

Assessing 4 million pieces of content in “The State of Digital Media” provides insight into determining what makes a good headline. Using  CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, your headline is rated based on the overall word balance, length, sentiment, and keywords. An added bonus is the Google search preview and email subject line preview. This way you see how your content will appear to your viewers.

2.Subject Production: HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Have a brain-storming session with your office staff for ideas.  Think of what topics your patients are most concerned with or what the news breaking events in your specialty are.  However, for those times that you are drawing a blank, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator comes to the rescue. By inserting 3 nouns related to the general idea you are considering into the tool, five ideas for blog posts are generated.

3. Joint Creation: Asana

Okay, you have had your brain-storming session with your office staff for ideas. Perhaps you have even asked them to think of ideas when they are home or working with patients and gather them for your next discussion together.  Asana could be the center for your team to gather content in one place. This web and mobile app makes  workflow management and communication easier.

Features include visually engaging dashboards, project templates, and team pages, so that Asana prevents the confusion that projects with a collection of independent thinkers creates. The basic version allows up to 15 contributors to participate for free.

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