CTA stands for Calls-To-Action.  

Anything that you write and publish without a CTA mean that your viewer will enjoy the article and go no further.  You want to tell them what to do next and lead them to the action that you want them to take. It’s not a stretch.  Your followers already enjoy reading you and viewing your content.  They will go further with you if you offer them more and unique content that is relevant to them.

The most important key of your blog posts is including a call- to- action. This is what you want your reader to do upon reading your post. Don’t assume that they will take the following steps that you want them to take. They may just read your post and then move on to something else.   Examples of good calls to action include:

  • Contact the office to make an appointment
  • Request a copy of a whitepaper or tip sheet with the most common questions and answers
  • Register for a newsletter
  • Comment on the blog post and share their thoughts
  • Offer a freebie that would be desired by your target market

The 20 best call to action phrases

Here are some  alluring call- to- action phrases that convince your reader that there is something more to do as part of your marketing campaigns:

  1. Find Out More
  2. Learn More
  3. Talk to an Expert
  4. Sign-up Here
  5. Add to Cart
  6. See it in Action
  7. Buy Today
  8. Call Now
  9. Click Here
  10. Contact Now
  11. Donate Today
  12. Enroll Now
  13. Get a Free Quote Today
  14. Immediate Download
  15. Join Now
  16. Register Now
  17. Reserve Now
  18. Start Now
  19. Take the Tour
  20. Watch Our Tutorial

The CTA was touched upon in a previous post which you can access here:

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The psychology behind CTA marketing

HubSpot has remarkably gathered enough data that supports targeted call to action phrases as the most effective means of convincing your audience to turn into leads. The thing is, you want to create not only a scarcity for your product but a limited amount of time that you can receive the relevant and important information to you but only in a short period of time so that they are enticed into taking action immediately.

If you don’t create a sense of urgency, readers will say that they will get around to it eventually and they usually don’t.

Take your prospects by the hand and lead to action

Call to action words and phrases aren’t used only for buttons on your page. It covers all the aspects that make a visitor click the button to your desired action. Check out HubSpot.  This is a prime example for you to learn from as it’s home page is CTA-oriented. Their phrases inspire  you to learn more about how to close calls and connect with your viewers.

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