Scientific reports claim that happiness is carried genetically, as part of our DNA.  There are some individuals who are predisposed to happiness.

Well, I have witnessed this first hand.  Dealing with serious health issues cannot be easy.  Despite the noose hanging over her head, she was never bitter.  She never bemoaned her lot in life; never asked “Why me?”

Have you had a friend who was:

  • Never judgmental of others?
  • Eternally optimistic?
  • Smiling constantly?
  • Supportive to friends?
  • Inspirational to all around her?

I had.  Sadly, I have just lost this friend…tragic for her husband, children and grandchildren who were just getting to know “fun-loving” grandma. Tragic for the world who needs people like her in it.

True friends touch your soul and warm your heart.  You smile all over again when you think of each other.

In her honor, try to smile more, to lift up others who need it, to inspire those who need motivation and kind words.

Someone once said

“We’re all angels with one wing and we need each other to fly”.

Ronnie, you certainly taught me to fly and helped me soar.  I’m going to miss you terribly but know that you are amidst the angels now and smiling down at everyone!