Sometimes it’s only when we see the tools that we say, “Oh, I can use that!” So, here are a few that you can check out.  They are quite useful and maybe you will want to take a closer look at them.

7 Useful tools for Medical Marketing

When you are speaking on stage, this is a cool tool to have as it counts the time from when you’ve started your talk.  Never go overtime again, making the event coordinator miffed at you.  Seeing the time on an iPad or large computer allows you to pace yourself better, leaving room for audience questions.
Type in ‘five minute timer’ and Google will present you with just that, although you can designate any time, not just 5 minutes.  Awesome tool!
Do a Google search from within your own text message without having to switch out of apps when you are in the midst of writing a message with Gboard for Iphone
google tips, tricks
google tips, tricks
When  you’re looking for a fun or stylish font to use in your writing, Google Fonts offers many that you can download without cost.

4. Google Input Tools

Use Google Input Tools  to type in various languages without needing to download a special keyboard. Currently there are more than 80 languages offered.

5. Manual Writing
Talking about communicating in various languages,  Google Translate enables you to write by hand a symbol which it will then translate.
google tips, tricks
If you need to get products to a patient or equipment over to your office in a rush, this tool is for you.
google tips, tricks
Google Express is now offering same-day delivery of books, electronics and other items. The service already caters for more than 90% of America so you can get food delivered as well.(to supplement those late night hours when you have worked through dinner or just can’t leave the office for meals).
7. G Suite by Google Cloud

G Suite provides many great features for business; just right for medical practices. You get:

  • Custom email addresses to look more professional
  • Cloud storage enables you to maintain files in a secure location.  All designated staff members can access the files when needed over several types of devices, be it phone, computer or tablet.
  • Refined security system keeps company data safe and protected even when devices are stolen or lost (invaluable feature when this situation has led to expensive HIPAA violations)
  • Spam filters keep out junk from inbox
  • Collaborate with real-time editing to polish documents, presentations and spreadsheets from virtual locations.

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Thanks, Barbara- The Medical Strategist