Can you be found online?

When patients and future prospective patients go web-surfing for a health professional online, search engines match the keywords that have been plugged into the search box with the professional that the site feels most closely relates to what they are looking for.

Sure, you must have a website at the very least and it must be optimized for your keywords so that your rankings on the search engine are higher, but that is not enough. Create a website that offers free advice, reciprocal links, articles by and about you, story ideas about your practice, and an electronic media kit.

Register your website with Google Business as well as all the major online review sites such as Yelp, RateMyDoctor, HealthGrades and Vitals.  Even Angie’s List can promote you on their site. Also register with Yahoo and Bing.

Make a company Facebook page and update regularly.  Have your followers engaged by asking questions, responding to their comments and running contests and surveys.

How to Articles

Write how-to articles for newspapers, magazines, trade publications and newsletters.  Offer lots of free advice.  Link your byline back to your website and create a free offer for people to raise their hands and show interest in your site.  It can be an ebook, FAQ sheet or news about the latest medical breakthroughs.  It helps establish you as an expert.

Ready, Set, Action!

The strategy is short and sweet today because I want you to take action! Take a few moments out and register your site.  Also I strongly consider putting your profile up on the social media sites that your patients use.  This is free and gives you loads of credibility and leverage.  Let’s do it!!