You’ve done the time and work creating your content, matching it to your patients’ needs and expectations. Now, it’s time to prevent your content from gathering dust or getting deleting.

5 Ways to Review Your Content Strategy for Medical Marketing

There are a few ways to ensure your content strategy is effective and successful.

1.Get feedback

One of the easiest ways to get feedback is to speak to people. Find out from patients if the content is perceived as relevant and valuable to them.  They will read your content if they feel that you are offering unique slants on topics or providing solutions to the problems they are struggling with.

Schedule some short meetings with your staff and colleagues. Ask them if they’ve seen or used your content strategy. Run some surveys or emails with 3-5 questions that require only simple responses. is a good place to start.

Show your senior team the content strategy because their support is key. Ask them to link it to the needs of the business.This backing will give your content strategy more weight in the practice.

2. Keep it simple

Content strategies need to:

  • Help you identify what content your practice produces
  • Show the needs that your content can meet
  • Map out an editorial calendar
  • Designate the social media channel your patients are onIdentify who is responsible for the content

Ask yourself if your content is educational, engaging and relevant to the needs but also in sync with the services you provide.

3.Make it easy to read

When creating your content, avoid using technical words and medical jargon.  Patients already know you are the professional and as such, know the material.  You don’t need to confuse them with words they have to look up to understand you.

The typical reading level for content is 6-8 grade reading levels. You can feed your document into an application which rates the reading level or check out the F-K rating score on your Word drop-down menu.

People love lists because they can digest them very well and know there is a finite amount of material that you are presenting.  Consider adding bullet points which help when someone is scanning the page.  We also need white space around the words with short paragraphs to allow our eyes places to rest when we are scanning through the document.  This is what makes your content readable.

Determine the layout. Add in subheadings with bold, clean fonts.  Include images and videos which capture attention and also help engage the viewer.

4. Analyze the Results Regularly

Register your content strategy with Google analytics.  See which posts and articles were popular and which fell by the wayside.  This will help shape the direction of your content in the future so that it is of interest to your readers and prospective patients.

5. Review and Evaluate Your Medical Marketing Strategy

Your content strategy should be  reviewed regularly and updated as the content changes and new medical techniques are developed. Make sure your convent remains relevant. Think of it as evolving rather than creating and leaving it to fend for itself.

Talking about fending alone, you don’t have to!  If you don’t have the time or are unsure as to how to progress, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation.  Set it up at  We can discuss and map out your needs.