No one is interested in reading information on a site which has been hashed out and seen millions of times before (and not in a fresh way).  Fortunately, it is easy to address this problem in an easy way which turns you into a trendsetter and puts you on the forward edge for getting what’s news.


On Almighty.Press‘s website,  you’ll see  the catchy phrase “Viral News, Before It’s Viral.”  Be the first one to cover viral news topics.

“Identify, Curate, and Distribute Trending Content, Before it’s Trending.”

Almighty.Press is a helpful tool that shows you content which is in the process of going viral, unlike other sites which show you what is already trending, making you “late for the party”. With this application, you can create content based on the pre-viral topics and keywords.

While allowing you to cover pre-viral news, this tool’s algorithm connects all users with real-time updates from all the reliable content providers worldwide. So, when people are looking up the hottest topics and learning about the latest information, it is you and your site that will pop up.  This is a great way to strengthen the perception that you are the “go-to” professional and the authority in your field, as trending content is recognized within minutes of being published.

Internal built-in publishing enables you to curate and gather new content for posting on your WordPress or Tumblr blog.  Then your new content can be distributed throughout your social channels by Buffer.

PushWoosh enables you to schedule push notifications to your viewers easily through whichever server you are using:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • WordPress

As you start, you can utilize PushWoosh for free up to 1000 devices as you build up your practice digitally. Customize new push campaigns, all at no cost.


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Run automated behavior-based push campaigns to boost marketing relevance on events. You can preset your push campaigns to save time and effort.

PushWoosh also provides a message Inbox so that viewers to your site can make decisions and have a way to respond.

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You can also segment your viewers to make messaging more personal and automate with high speed, and they are timezone sensitive.

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Strengthen your Call-to-Actions by using deeply customizable Rich Media pages. These can be linked.


As if this isn’t attractive enough, you can get  comprehensive statistics and precise measuring tools for your push campaigns to assess the effectiveness of them. Stay informed of your user flow so that improvements based on detailed conversion metrics can be made by you.


Tag your viewers into groups so that your marketing campaigns are relevant.

A/B Tests

A/B tests allow you to see which way tweaking your campaign with changes to a few words or color images improves and strengthens  marketing strategies.

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Almighty Press and PushWoosh are two tools that tremendously help wit your content creation and distribution, making you the perceived guru for your prospective patients and your patients alike.
Come back next Tuesday when we highlight another helpful too your you to use.