Put Imagination into Form

Know what type of content your target audience responds to.

Data shows that content in video form leads all other forms in popularity. While 65% of young patients prefer videos, only 43% of older consumers select it. Similarly, gamified content is popular among younger audiences than older ones. So, consider who you serve.  If you are a pediatrician or a geriatrician, the preferences of your prospective patients will drastically change and your content form should reflect that.

Similarly, the channels that you use to disseminate content also varies greatly based on your target audience.  Instagram is popular as the social media outlet for younger users, while older audiences still prefer Facebook.  Having a one-size-fits-all approach to content channels is a waste of your marketing dollars.

Consider this.  The images and videos that you create are only limited by your imagination.  What concerns do your prospective patients have?  What are they envisioning?  Making a video to explain, inform, educate and entertain your audience will go along way to quelling their fears and making them interested in choosing you as their doctor.

Travel with Your Audience

Take the journey with your viewers. Become aware of your client’s journey. You can do this  inside Google Analytics. Inspecting the kind of content different users consume on your own website at different stages in their journey and comparing that with conversion data is a good way to gauge where to include which type of content for your specific user.

Look at the online research about content targeting users at different levels of the sales funnel and create from there. Attract a first time viewer with a slick video related to your general area of interest. Once they’re on your site, offer them engaging content like an FAQ sheet about the services you provide.

And oh, if you’re an online retailer with customers already in the checkout flow, makes sense to implement data-driven methods of customer service, by offering them tailor made promotions or discounts to close the sale quicker.


While maintaining your website’s user experience, optimize your content with keywords that viewers search for to find you and the services you provide. Check out  the most current ranking factors on Google – and you’ll be way ahead of your colleagues and competition!

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