There was a time when you stepped on the scale to see your daily weight and find out if you’ll be rewarded for behaving on your diet or punished for your food indiscretions.

Well now, the scale tells you a great deal more than weight!

The New Scale In Town

A new Bluetooth device has hit the market- The Withings Smart Body Analyzer.

Information monitored includes:

  • Body mass index with both fat and lean mass
  • Pulse (with a blood pressure cuff)
  • Standing heart rate
  • Temperature
  • Even carbon dioxide for air quality evaluation

Pair this with a smartphone app to monitor activity, calorie expenditure and cardiac fitness along with weight loss for a comprehensive buy ventolin inhaler asda picture of your health where weight is concerned.

The Smart Body Analyzer interfaces with more than 100 health apps including Lose It!, RunKeeper,and  MyFitnessPal. Data can be shared and transmitted to healthcare providers.  This is valuable information for those under medical care for asthma and other pulmonary conditions, diabetes and CHF (congestive heart failure) to view fluid retention, reflected by significant daily weight gain and where weight is of paramount importance in monitoring one’s condition.

But, just like the old time scale, we’ll still be reminded of how much damage that Halloween candy did to our body and waistline!