This post comes from the EMR Forum.  I thought it was funny and wanted to share this with you today.

Here’s a quick look at Things EMR Doctors Never say (maybe I’ve been watching too many late night shows):

“I’m so glad to be doing meaningful use!”

“I can’t wait until ICD-10 makes my life easier.”

“I wonder when that ACO model is finally going to kick in. I can’t wait.”

“I miss trying to read Dr. Smith’s handwriting.”

“I wish I could go and ask HIM for a chart pull.”

“I miss hiding behind the pile of paper charts on my desk.”

“I love this fax machine.”

“I miss the coffee stains on the paper charts.”

“I love the mix of EHR, EMR, HIE, ACO, ONC-ATCB, ICD-10, 5010, BI, with the RCM cherry on top.”

Can you think of others?  Comment below and I’ll add them to the list!