Amazing things lie ahead for you!

According to Michael Levin, a New York Times best-selling author and Shark Tank entrepreneur:

” If you resolve to tell the truth to yourself about yourself – the whole, unvarnished, warts-and-all truth about what needs to change in your life and what you want to do next – amazing things can happen. Growth, change, happiness and success can all begin.”

What this means is Don’t Lie to Yourself and Believe Life Improves

Life can’t get better until we are objective about what is happening in our lives, our health, our weight, our relationships, our jobs and family.  The beauty is that it can all change if we do. It is often said that though we cannot change what happens to us or what is said to us, we can change how we react to it and this can cause a ripple effect.

According to the great motivator Tony Robbins:

“Your future has nothing to do with your past.”

“We are the authors of our life’s script.  If you don’t like the story, change the script!” – Barbara Hales,M.D.

Gratitude is Everything

Taking stock of what we have and being thankful for everything in life, is a key motivator for happiness and satisfaction.
As the year nears to an end, I am filled with gratitude. The universe and powers above have sent me the perfect people for the perfect lessons to help me become a better version of myself.
At this point I would like to thank you all for the part you played in my life and the joy you have given me.


In honors of the knowledge that you have bestowed upon me, the joy you have shared and the growth that you have helped me with, I would like to leave you with some inspirational quotes as my way of thanking you.

Have Faith in the unlimited power of the universe.

Future health relies on an improved lifestyle.  Choose to make better choices.

Give of yourself without expectations and receive gifts graciously.

Seek out the good in the world and you will find it.

Look forward to what each new day brings.

Smile at everyone and laugh frequently. Find the humor in life.

Share the wonder of children

Take pride in the successes of others

You will receive at the right time

The right people will come into your life and give you what you need, not what you want

Today is wonderful but tomorrow will be even better

Have a Happy New Year filled with joy, good health and warmth from friends and family around you.