Most health professionals, managers and practice owners want to grow their practice.  Most of them concentrate exclusively on getting more new patients.  Odd really.


There is lots of marketing research that is pretty consistent in pointing out that it costs somewhere between six and twelve times as much to get a new patient as it does to get a current patient to seek your services.  Once you have a patient it is generally pretty straightforward to get them to come for a followup appointment or to want more of the services that you offer.

What’s that?  Your practice is different?  You don’t have products or information for them?  There’s no way to get patients to come more frequently?

Maybe…but I don’t think so.


The country is filled with failed practices who neglected to see that every one-time patient can be a client for life.  Consider what the value of this patient is too.  For every loyal patient, you are also getting referrals from their friends and family members. (and those prospective patients are bringing their friends and family).

Could you do some joint-venture marketing with another, non-competing health professional?  Look around.  You will find plenty of other practices that would love to be able to market directly to your patients.  Consider:

  • Neurologists or orthopedists and pain management centers
  • Obstetrics and pediatricians
  • Rheumatologists and Infectious Disease
  • Gastroenterologists and Nutritionists

There are many combinations that make sense.  Can you figure out what would work for you?

Sure, you may be always marketing your own services but does that matter?  If you work a referral arrangement with another practice whose quality of service you respect, they will open their list to you in reciprocity.

Finally, let’s say you’re that rare medical practice where the first time is the nay time a patient will ever come to you.  Okay, but only for that patient.  You can leverage online pharmacy your patients’ satisfaction into compelling endorsements and testimonials that help you create more appeal to prospective patients and referrals to make more appointments for your referrals.


Of course, your existing patients are already familiar with you.  You probably don’t need to convince them of your reliability.  After all, they wouldn’t have originally come to you if they thought you were not good, would they?  You’ve developed a reputation (hopefully a good one) and you can use this to your advantage.

The only thing that could damage your chances of maintaining existing patients is when they have a genuine complaint about your service.  If you’re nit reliable and offer a poor service, then don’t rely on being able to maintain them.  Of course, most of you treat your patients in high regard; they’re the lifeblood of the practice.  Once you get the lifeblood flowing continuously, your cash-flow and profits will surge.

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