Jurors deliberated on the case of TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau, this past week.

This can affect you if you’re not careful!

The case centered around exaggerated claims dealing with his best-selling diet book. Trudeau advocates the use of prescription hormones and a diet of 500 calories daily, enabling anyone to eat what they want without gaining weight.   Trudeau was found guilty of criminal contempt and can face prison time.  Another related civil case has resolved with a $37 million judgment against him.

While the core dispute involves TV infomercial claims, the over bloating of statements or success stories on any health issues and remedies can be prosecuted as well.

It doesn’t matter if you are an ethical medical facility or supplement company but the health writer representing you is making exaggerated claims.  You will still be prosecuted.  You will still have maximum liability if you are only the health writer  and you don’t own the supplement company or medical facility that you are representing.  You can still be prosecuted.

What is the solution?

The FDA ha strict guidelines regarding what can and what cannot be said in promotions of healthcare products and services, regardless of traditional or alternative therapies.

To avoid liability, you can do one of three things:

  • Have a legal staff that oversees your health copy
  • Pour over and familiarize yourself with all the FDA rules and regulations
  • Hire a health copywriter that already has this knowledge and skills to promote you

Only then can you rest easy!