Social Media is fast-becoming a key component to healthcare.

Millions of doctors and healthcare providers are educating the public through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This is driven by necessity.  Almost 41% of patients confirm that their selection of a particular doctor was swayed by social media.

Yet, the advantages are shared on both sides.

While patients are benefiting by information that is provided by physicians, enabling them to improve healthy lifestyle choices,  social media also helps doctors increase their patient numbers and attract prospective patients.

3 Tips for Medical Practice Promotion with Social Media

  1. Marketing Strategy

Writing fresh content on a regular basis and providing solutions to problems that people are struggling with is key to promoting you, the physician as the “go-to” person or guru in your specialty.  Writing about issues that are in sync with your services and medical practice is paramount but sure to attract those who are interested in your services.  Consider the fact that social media is free in most cases and the results are measurable with analytical tools.  Keep in mind that you are providing content that is relevant to the p;atients that you have and for those that you want to attract.


Social media provides fertile ground for building professional relationships (which strengthens the bonds for a great referral system).  It also enab les doctors to exp;ress medical opinions, discuss the most recent treatment trends or new medical breakthroughs.  Medscape is a great example of this whereby a statement is given and then physicians comment on the specific issue based on their experience, knowledge and thoughts.  Almost a third of physicians polled, stated that they used social media for online networking.  Another advantage is enabling doctors to connect with researchers and medical experts in a specific field.

3.Sharing medical breakthroughs

Patients want to find out about the latest medical news and breakthroughs to stay up-to-date and many others are searching for any new developments on treatments for ailments they are suffering with.  Almost one in 5 patients state that they have at least one health app. on their phone that they actively use.  By using social media, forums and networks,doctors can share information that reaches potential patients and patients seeking help, gaining greater exposure both virtually and offline simultaneously.


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