So, you want to be a health speaker…Great!  But as with any entrepreneurial adventure, (and it is entrepreneurial) you need to have a cash flow or you won’t survive in your business.  Wonderful to have an idea and it is wonderful to pass on your helpful messages but unless you’re independently wealthy, you need to improve and have a cash flow too.

They say that Cash is King and Content is Queen.  Maybe you have the Queen on your strategy board, but the King is vital!

Tips to survive a cash problem:

  1. Figure out your monthly expenses and save up for 2-3 months worth of savings.  This will allow you to ride out any dry spells without going out of business
  2. Decrease your expenses- if your marketing and clients are obtained virtually, there is no reason to have an office that you pay rent on.  If you need to get out and meet clients, take them for coffee at Starbucks.  There are plenty of seats and cozy nooks, and the clients will appreciate the cup of Java.  Use your home study as your office- it carries with it several tax advantages
  3. Get your fee before the job is finished for your cash reserve- give a discount for upfront payments and collect half up front when the date is booked.
  4. Make sure that your accounts are written down for review- don’t forget to bill and collect any outstanding balances from the accounts receivables

Preparing your speeches and having your content is great, but don’t forget that you need to market yourself (or you are destined to spending your speaking career in front of your bedroom mirror).  Find organizations that hire speakers in the area of your expertise.

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