My heart is swollen….with happiness and gratitude. Seriously.

One of the gratifying experiences of living in a digital age is that the world stops and wishes you well, at least one day a year.  People that you may not know well, but hope to, people that have dreams and aspirations or experiences in common, all come together and say “Happy Birthday”. Wow, so many well wishes  today!

Years ago, if you got cards in the mail from more than your Aunts and Uncles,BFF,  parents and siblings, it was a nice surprise.  Now, your social media sites and inboxes can be filled with happiness and having this warm and cozy feeling swirling around me, will last until next year.

There are many content or information marketers that use their birthday as a promotion for their latest and greatest at a percentage discount. Not me.

For those that feel our society has dehumanized us all, I say, not so.  But you must put yourself out there.  Reach out and interact with people.  Share a smile.

For me, I would like to do an act of charity, to make others happy.  It’s because of all of you who have:

  • Sponsored me
  • Hired me for speaking engagements or copywriting
  • Entertained me
  • Extended a hand in friendship (or hugs)
  • But most importantly, “rocked my world”.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.