The third largest American healthcare staffing company, Jackson & Cocker which is a division of Jackson Healthcare, conducted a survey  with doctors.  Results show that if the election was held now,of 3660 doctors representing all 50 states,  5% of doctors are undecided and only 36% of physicians would support President Obama.

Those doctors that had their own practices and certain specialists like surgeons, ophthalmologists, anesthesiologists and radiologists were more apt to support Romney.  With the debate over repealing Obamacare vs. activating all parts of the Affordable order ventolin inhaler Care Act, passions are running wild in the healthcare community.  Fifty-five percent wants to repeal and replace this act.

Additionally found in the survey were physicians who were switching their allegiance from Obama in 2008 to Romney.  Reasons given were the lack of:

  • Reforming Tort Reform
  • Acting upon campaign promises
  • Potent leadership style
  • Improvement in the economy

Most of all, doctors want to be heard!  They want to participate in formulating the solution to healthcare reform!

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