James Joseph Gandolfini, Jr, better known as Tony Soprano to millions,represents a story that  is one of sheer inspiration and admiration.

This is a perfect illustration of “rags to riches”;  someone who came  from very humble beginnings to rise to utter success.

James Joseph Gandolfini Jr, the son of two Italian immigrants, was raised by a mother who worked as a lunch lady.  His father , a  cement mason and bricklayer  by trade,  went on to become a head custodian, for Paramus Catholic High School.  James had a normal public school education and went on to work as a bouncer , bartender, and club manager prior to finding out his true calling and passion- that of acting.  Just as in The Sopranos, he struggled to balance his career and family life.


Through the various roles that he played, James Gandolfini Jr. won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance  in Drama three times as well as an Emmy.  While many may have rested on their laurels with these accolades, James continued to stretch his creativity by producing documentaries about veterans and their families.  Perhaps he was guided by the fact that his father won a Purple Heart during World War II.


I am truly saddened by the loss of James Joseph Galdolfini Jr, who was struck down at such a tender age. Just this morning, we were informed that he died of a heart attack.   I wonder what great things that he would have shown us in the future if he had the time and opportunity.

Let us look at ourselves buy xopenex inhaler when we think of “Tony Soprano”. He lived life “large”, enjoying food and drink with whatever else life had to offer.  Unfortunately, he paid the price for this.  Yet, you can improve so that a sudden heart attack won’t be in your future.

Enjoying Life Can Still Be Living With a Healthy Lifestyle

There are hundreds of distractions throughout the stress-filled day including tough choices that we have to make at every turn.  It’s not easy to find time to exercise and eat right but there are simple little things that we can do for ourselves to achieve a healthy goal.

There are several silent killers, just waiting to claim your life:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diet Filled with saturated fats

Have your blood pressure checked periodically.  There are free pressure checks at local chain pharmacy stores like CVS.  Have annual blood work done that shows what your cholesterol panel results are so that you can manage it more appropriately as well as your blood count to check for anemia.  Limit the fats in your diet to unsaturated ones.  Take vitamins daily with antioxidants to counteract the food you eat on- the- go.

Of course if you can squeeze in a proper diet and exercise, so much the better.

Yes, Mr. Gandolfini, you will be sorely missed.  Think of him when time is open for you to achieve your greatness!

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