Why would any Governor reject money from the government to expand Medicaid for his/her state and why not have health insurance exchanges?

Rick Perry from Texas who represents a state that has 25% of its population without insurance (6.2 million people) gives his answer succinctly.

“The healthcare law failed to allow states to create and run exchanges completely on their own by giving the federal government the final say on what insurance plans can be offered and what benefits those plans can provide.”

While the new healthcare law mandates sates to establish exchanges by January 2014, the Supreme Court allows for states to opt out of the program (as long as they voice their rejection by this November).  When the law is implemented in 2014, the federal government will step in to unestablished programs and set them up as they deem appropriate.

Think about it.  Yes, for the first three years the government will infuse money into the system and those needing care will have it which is wonderful.  But what happens down the road?  States medicaments ventolin will have to assume a large share of the expansion and the exchanges.  Most states currently have budgets on the brink of bankruptcy now.  Taxes will have to be raised and the middle class of each state will again feel the squeeze for programs that are dictated by the federal government. Without a substantial infusion with taxes, other programs will have to be sacrificed like education, police and fire forces, roads, etc.

Aside from the financial burden, ask yourself, who is the one that will decide on what is covered and what is not in the insurance coverage?  Will needed therapies be curtailed or refused for the sake of maintaining the cost per patient?  Will it be the bureaucrats who decide on medical treatments rather than the healthcare providers?

Before celebrating an infusion of money from “the government” who by the way is “us” unless you have forgotten, giving money “from us if you have forgotten”, look at the long term consequences.

That is what the Governors are doing.  What are your thoughts?