This holiday is a time when we can express our gratitude for people and gifts that we have received over the course of the year.

I am thankful to you for allowing me to coach you to success and for our continued and supportive working relationships.  It has been a joy to know you better. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and to those who have taken the time to help me, know that it meant a lot.

Thanks for helping me with projects and attending my meetings.  Thank you for sharing your honest feedback and for the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you for sharing your opinions and considering me for the work that you needed to be done.

Studies show that there is a link  between thankfulness and improved physical health, better sleep and an increase in mental strength. So thank you for helping to make me a better version of myself and for enabling me to help you in some small way.

I appreciate you.

Have a wonderful holiday filled with good food, good health and the warmth of family and friends.

Thanks on behalf of myself and the whole Medical Strategist team,