Tonight marks the beginning of Yom Kippur for those of the Jewish Faith and along with it a story.

It is believed that for ten days, you are being judged from on high – for your good deeds and sins.  A Book of Life is open and during this time you are praying for forgiveness and hoping that by repenting, that you will be written into the book for the following year.  It is a time when your fate is decided as to not only ventolin online bestellen life or death but also whether you will face adversity or have a good year.

The story goes on to say that while you can repent for your sins, you can only get forgiveness for anything that you have done or said that was hurtful to your friends and acquaintances  by asking them directly.

So “Do you forgive me for the sins that I have done upon you knowingly and unknowingly?  I hope so”

And Let’s hope for a Coming Good Year for All of Us!