A new sensor-infused fabric was developed by 3 innovators from Microsoft as part of a premier product in their new company, Heapsylon. The focus is on wearing your technology!

Heapsylon was formed in October 2010 by  Davide Vigano, the CEO, Mario Esposito, and Maurizio Macagno, the Vice President of development. All three share a vision of blending fashion and technology, thereby advancing both industries.

“The outfit is the computer,”  Davide Vigano passionately explained.

Now your clothes and your computer are one and the same.  And what have these pioneers made out of the material? It’s a pair of SOCKS!

The reasoning behind making socks for the first product in an apparel line is to show that the fabric with sensors is durable and tough since socks bear the brunt of a body’s full weight. Not only will this product demonstrate durability of the product and accuracy of the data, but also showcases the fabric itself.

The Sensoria Fitness smart socks, which are comfortable and washable despite all the sensors, amass data on the number of steps one takes and the foot motion during the gait. Weight changes may be measured as well in the future.

An ankle bracelet accompanies the socks for data measurement.

The first target market will be aimed at runners but this product will be very utilitarian in other sports.  Having information like where the body is shifting the weight during a swing for instance, will improve the performance of a golf game and lower one’s handicap.

Another valuable application being considered, is that of material sensors in football helmets to recognize and lower concussion risks.

Wearable technology is merely at the edge of a technology that opens up vast opportunities to promote health and healthy practices, moving forward.

The problem is of course, as everyone knows, that socks disappear in the wash!

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