There are many tools available now to help health or content marketing, strengthen your brand, increase visibility and reach a wider pool of prospective clients and patients.

I would like to let you know about some of them today.



Sigstr gives you the power to improve reach by integrating promotional content into the signature of your emails.

By using Sigstr email signatures, you can drive traffic to a specific landing page or content offer and improve your conversions. Even if you’re just building brand awareness, Sigster can maximize the number of clicks on your emails. Sigstr also allows you to customize who receives what content, too.


GoodBits helps you incorporate your brand into every aspect of your email newsletters. There is an easy, drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG editor that you can use to collect content created by brand and display it seamlessly.


Allowing the addition of  RSS, Twitter feeds, and more lets you create an email newsletter full of amazing links to your content for you to distribute.


Like SurveyMonkey,  Quora is a platform for asking and answering questions, on just about any topic — which makes it the perfect site for you to share your expertise on your industry. Search through popular industry topics and provide relevant answers with links back to your blog or content.  The right people will then follow.


Buffer enables you to schedule your content on social media. Create your content for posting at the big four social media sites-  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+ with one click. Create a backlog of social posts scheduled for later at chosen times.  content-distribution-tools-channels

Buffer is unique because it has an analytical program showing you what bombed and what worked. This enables you to analyze your social posts campaign performance to see what is most engaging and how you can improve what you post to make your content marketing more efficient and get in front of the maximum number of viewers.


Upload a series of posts into the database and organize them. Edgar will then post to Twitter and Facebook at a designated date and time.  When the posts are finished, Edgar  recycles the posts to the bottom of the list . This way even if you stop writing new posts or creating new content to post about, Edgar has plenty to keep him busy as he continuously is distributing and promoting content you’ve already written.





Though not the first place you think of when you think professional or B2B, reddit is great for content distribution because it’s where people go when they want to find the best content about highly specific topics.

Niche communities share information, articles, and even offer up advice (like Quora) in these segmented subreddits, making it easy to find your ideal customers.

The key is just finding the right subreddit that applies to your industry and where you are considered an authoritative voice. Once you identify that subreddit, start contributing in the discussion threads and offering up your content where you see fit.

Give the best answers you can and provide links to get upvoted to the top of the subreddit pages, and the engagement, views, and traffic will really start to come in.


Employees are one of the most-overlooked content distribution options!

People enjoy putting a face to a brand, even multiple faces. So while your company social media profiles work hard to distribute your content, you can take advantage of your employee’s social profiles and networks too with Bambu.

It’s a great way for people in your networks to help you reach wider audiences with all that amazing content you’ve worked so hard on already.


Which Ones Should You Use?

You’ll begin to figure out which distribution platforms and strategies work for your business or practice and for your editorial calendar to see the benefits  from your content marketing.

Is your head still reeling?  If so, call 561-325-9664 for a free consultation and we can discuss your needs!