How Far Along Are Health Care Organizations in Instituting Policies on Mobile Technology?

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Utilizing mobile technology can enhance access to patient data with doctors being able to access information from any location and in so doing, vastly improves healthcare delivery, here in the United States.

But, have you ever wondered that even with this new technology, how many physicians or healthcare facilities are actually implementing it into their practice of medicine?

Fifty percent of  IT professionals indicated that the use of mobile technology would significantly  affect delivery of patient care, according to  the 2nd Annual HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey, sponsored by Qualcomm Life, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated., Sixteen percent reported that mobile technology will dramatically change the future of healthcare delivery.

According to the healthcare ventolin generic name and classification information and Management Systems Society report which was sponsored by Qualcomm Life, approximately 68%  of  health care organizations surveyed , responded that  they have implemented a policy on the use of mobile technology. The statistics are amassed from results of online and telephone surveys performed in October and November, 2012  of 180 Information technology professionals involved in mobile technology at their healthcare organization.While 4% stated that they had not planned to develop a policy on mobile technology, 27% admitted to developing a policy.  Two percent responded that they didn’t know.Almost  half of responders (46 percent) mentioned that  they are incorporating the information included in federal policies and regulations into their organizations’ existing policies.Source: HIMSS, “2nd Annual HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey”