A survey done by Technology Advice using a random sample of almost 1000 adults found that one in every 4  Americans use an application or tracking device for weight management, or diet and exercise monitoring.

Survey findings as reported by iHealth showed:

  • 11% use a wearable fitness tracker; and
  • 14.1% use a health app.

Meanwhile, 14.5% of respondents do not currently use a tracker but plan to do so in the future.

Of respondents who said they do not use a wellness device or app:

  • 27.2% said they were not interested in monitoring their health;
  • 17.7% expressed concerns about the cost of a tracker;
  • 10.5% said they had privacy concerns;
  • 7.9% said they did not like the design of currently available trackers; and
  • 43.7% said they did not use a tracker for other reasons.

The researchers also found that of individuals who did not use a device or app to monitor their health:

  • 48.2% would be willing to start monitoring their health if their provider gave them a no-cost tracker;
  • 46.1% would be willing to track their health if given a device by an insurer (MobiHealthNews, 10/1);
  • 57.1% would be more likely to use a tracker if it saved them money on their health insurance premiums; and
  • 44.2% would be more likely to use such a device if it helped their physician offer better health advice (TechnologyAdvice survey, 9/30).

Do you wear a tracker?  Are you planning on wearing one in the near future?  Share your views in the comment box below.