Want to spread your message to help others? You can’t really do that unless you can be found…and highly visible.  Shining views on your website and practice accomplishes this.

Specializing in SEO is the way to do it!

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. It is a process of writing that enables search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing,  to identify websites, blogs, ezines and other online content, while ranking it for meeting certain criteria.

When working within SEO guidelines, websites can improve their quality, making it faster and easier to navigate. It also becomes user-friendlier as it helps viewers quickly identify what the site is primarily all about.

Why YOU need it

Quite simply, ranking higher with SEO-enriched content helps you get noticed.

Don’t think this is an advantage?  Just check out these statistics.

As of December 2012:

• Number of websites- 634 million

• Added websites in 2012- 51 million

• WordPress sites-59.4 million

• Tumblr blogs- 87.8 million

• Page views for Tumblr- 17.8 billion

• Visitors to Google Sites- 191 million

• Reddit.com pageviews- 37 billion

• Web pages run by WordPress viewed

monthly- 3.5 billion

These billions of pages and sites are creating an explosive medicament asthme ventoline noise through which you are trying to be heard!

Now, would you like to edge them out and be #1?

The problem is getting higher rankings.  The solution is SEO.

The result- appearing on the first page of searches and… BEING FOUND!

Users are most apt to do business with those companies found within the first few listings on the first page of their search.

Perhaps at this point you are shaking your head and saying that with billions of competitors, it is not possible to make a breakthrough.

The thing to remember is that while there are billions of websites, there are not billions within your niche, your type of business and your type of market.

Search engines are seeking sites that provide answers to the problems being sought by people they are serving. SEO allows them to perform this function. By keeping a close eye on optimizing your site, blog, ezine or etail store, you can simultaneously meet your business plan, objectives and grow rapidly.

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