Journey with me today as I highlight two new health apps which are user friendly, effective and affordable.

Star Trek health device

Remember when Bones and Dr. McCoy used the “tricorder” on Star Trek’s spaceship Enterprise?  This was a device used to scan the body and measure the heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs to diagnose a problem within seconds.

Now reality has caught up to our Sci-fi imaginations once again. smartphone doodle

Viatom Technology, a Chinese company, has devised the same tricorder: the Checkme Health Monitor.

This medical device, the size of a deck of cards can measure:

  1. temperature
  2. blood pressure
  3. Heart rate and rhythm
  4. Blood oxygenation
  5. Sleep patterns
  6. Exercise routines
  7. Calories burned
  8. Number of footsteps
  9. and more

Data is shared through blue-tooth technology to smartphones via downloaded apps.  Health information can then be shared with whomever you would like.  The iPhone 6 has the Apple health app prominently displayed to allow you to record and share this information which can also be transmitted through social media as well as email.

ECG “Pocket watch”

The Pocket Monitor

The AliveCor® Heart Monitor and companion smartphone app is a one-lead ECG that attaches to a smartphone and records accurate ECGs and heart rate in 30 seconds. This monitor, the first of its kind, is approved by the US FDA to detect atrial fibrillation and other irregular heart beats.

It can display:

  • Effects of drugs
  • Heart rhythm during palpitations and shortness of breath
  • Effects of alcohol or caffeine consumption on the heart
  • Screen activities as exercise


Symptoms can be transmitted instantly at the time of symptoms to a physician or healthcare provider without having to wear a halter monitor or go to the emergency room whenever symptoms crop up.

It also allows for monitoring frequently which insurance companies and Medicare might curtail due to reimbursement limits.
doctors-nurses2.jpg Monitoring can now be done anywhere making it convenient, and easy as well as affordable.

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