Stories are filtering in through our screens (for those that have electric power) of all the hardships that have been endured by the devastation of the brutal storm Sandy.

The story most touching to me is that of the first responders and doctors of NYU hospital.  Not only did the hospital lose electric power but both the primary and secondary generators went out.  These dedicated healthcare “saints” brought each patient down the hallways and negotiated steps with gurneys to get them down to the main level and out of the hospital where they could each be transferred to another medical facility.  Patients with respirators were each ventilated manually as the relocation took place.  Even a 29 week buying ventolin in the uk premature infant was personally ventilated as the baby was cradled and efficiently transitioned to a new site.

Evacuation procedures were followed efficiently and calm was pervasive, even among the sick. Proper treatment was obtained for each ill patient without any additional fatalities (of which there could have been many)

So kudos to all of you healthcare workers out there.  There are many (including me) that consider you angels here on earth.

Thank you for what you have done and all that you do!

If there are professionals that you would like to thank, add your comment below.  I’m sure we would all like to read about it and give these people credit.