Ever wish you could get in on the ground floor of something for tremendous profits?  That’s what it is still like in social media when it comes to health marketing and strengthening the brand of your medical practice online.

Though the AMA and the government has issued guidelines for patient security and privacy conforming to HIPPA standards, most physicians are still leery of participation in social media for fear of reprisals and stiff penalties.

Since patients and prospective patients are spending a large amount of time online, healthcare needs to meet them there to grow a practice and increase a patient/physician base. So, you are still coming in on the ground floor when it comes to competing for fans, followers and readership. The competition is less severe.

The key strategy is to pique interest, educate, inform and entertain without specifically discussing any one question or anyone person specifically.  So, social media becomes a gateway or portal  through which you are encouraging patients to seek out an office consultation for more specific solutions to their personal health issues.

Additional Benefits

Besides increasing visibility and strengthening your brand, participation in social media provides:

  • Crucial information for patients
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Reminders and recommendations for followup care
  • Enhanced patient outcomes
  • Established and improved relationships with patients and the community
  • An opportunity for you to speak with many patients at one time
  • Enhanced visibility in your medical practice’s community
  • Increased patient comfort with your practice and staff
  • Enabled you to see “what your patients see and say” about you.  This enables you to regulate and improve your reputation online and to change issues that you may not have been aware of.
  • Increased patient engagement

Once you have become familiar with the structure, do’s and don’ts of the HIPPA guidelines, you’re free to jump into the social media arena and become an active healthcare guru for all those seeking answers to their medical problems.

Need help to set up your site or want to free up your time and still have a social media presence?

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