Take a good look at your website through fresh eyes. Ask yourself whether you present solutions to specific problems your viewers are struggling with.  Your viewers are certainly going to your site for this reason- to find answers.

It’s All About Your Viewers, Not You!

Once you have decided your branding and how you would like to present yourself, don’t keep it a secret!  The real trick is telling your viewers, patients and prospective clients about you in a way that serves them…that solves their problems.

Tell your viewers solutions to their problems right away in the headline (packed with power to elicit emotions and responses). Then tell them again within the first paragraph. Engage your readers and draw them in fast or you’ve lost them.

People make decisions with their heart and justify them with their brain. You’ve heard this before and it’s true. Don’t pack your site with dry information and spew it forth. Instead, write to attract and court your reader. Your data can be on your “about” page.

Give them space

Sure, there is a lot of information medicament ventolin that you would like to provide. But throwing it all out there may make it difficult to read. Have white space around each idea or thought- a place for your viewer’s eyes to rest. It will make reading your information much easier.

Can you be scanned?

Time is of the essence and most viewers will simply scan a page to determine if reading it is worth their while. Have subheads, bolded sentences and bullet points to allow scanning to take place and still convey your message or pique their interest.

Ask yourself these questions

Is your website:

  • Easy to navigate?
  • Easy to understand?
  • Easy to see what you stand for?
  • Easy to get answers to their problems?

Make sure to have your address (if you are a brick and mortar business) and telephone number prominently displayed.

Call to Action

Decide what you want your viewer to do and tell them.

Is it to

  • Call you?
  • Send for a free report or tip sheet?
  • Sign up for a newsletter?


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