According to a survey by Software Advice, reflecting responses from 385 medical practices, almost one third of these practices are seeking to change their current electronic health record due to dissatisfaction.

Though critics cite the low number of facilities making up the statistics, results are comparable to one performed by Black Book Market Research comprising 17,000 users of these electronic systems which shows that frustration and dissatisfaction is escalating.

Almost one quarter voicing their frustration state that the problem is one of interfacing with other systems. Dissatisfaction is severe enough to seek out other vendors.

EHR Complaints

Complaints cited in the survey include:

  • Cost
  • Unsupported or antiquated system
  • Interface problems
  • Inability to comply with meaningful use
  • Forced and unexpected system upgrades

Dr. Robert Rowley, a health IT consultant advises sitting down and discussing the system drawbacks with the current vendor or the consultant who performed the system installation.  See if they have a support system in place that can correct the complaints. Perhaps rather than replacing a complete system, certain alterations can be made that address the problems faced.

“Remember, most EHR vendors and consultants want to keep their customers/clients happy,” Rowley says. “If given specific feedback on where a product is lacking, it is in their where to buy ventolin hfa interest to try to address the problem(s).”

How Does This Affect You? 

Do you find that your doctor cannot connect with the laboratory you use for results or to your drug store to get your prescriptions filled?


When there are interface problems or meaningful use issues, the results of your hospitalizations or recommendations from the specialists that you have seen may not be accessible to your family physician.

The majority of physicians are now actively using some form of electronic health record system.
Those that are not, will be slowly fading out of existence.  Within the next two years, with mandates by the government to have your medical records digitalized, reimbursements will decrease consistently until the healthcare facility can no longer afford to exist.
When physicians are planning to retire shortly anyway, this will just push them over the edge.  Others are selling their practices to hospitals who are buying them to essentially buy you! (increasing the number of patients- after all, you are a commodity to them)
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