There is an irony that although doctor shortages are appearing in various geographical areas, some doctors within the areas are seeing less patients.  You’d think that there would be more than enough patients to go around!

Well, that is true for some doctors.  And for others….well…they may have a hard time staying in business.  You see, there are many reasons why patients transfer to another doctor, leaving your bottom line to suffer as it continues to dwindle.

Patients would tell me reasons that surprised me.  Reasons that often had nothing to do with the skill of the doctor.  They ranged between a lack of parking spaces in front of the office, difficulty getting through to a live person on the phone, a snippy gate-keeper, unkempt waiting rooms. Most patients won’t call and tell you why they are dissatisfied- they just disappear!

According to the Rockefeller Corporation survey published in the US News and World Report, the biggest reason why patients leave  (70%)  is due to the indifference where to buy ventolin in singapore they feel from one or more people that represent the office. Dying (1%) and relocating (3%) don’t even come close!

Remember, the office staff represents you!  Did you ever hear how the staff recognizes the patients, answers the phone or responds to patient questions?  Each patient represents a loss of referrals, repeat visits and a threat of reputation smearing.

Often it is not medical treatment options that keep a patient as much as it is satisfaction.  Make the patient feel special.  There are several ways to do this, especially this time of year including:

  • holiday card
  • birthday card
  • thank you for referrals
  • validating what patients have to say

Letting your patients know that they are important to you will go along way towards making the patients feel that you are important to them!

In this holiday season, while we are expressing gratitude, let’s not forget the patients that have helped us to become better physicians and better people because of them!

Happy Holidays,

The Medical Strategist

P.S. And thanks to all of you too!