Isn’t it infuriating to spend so much time and effort on a website for your medical practice and no one views it?

There are several reasons why your website can be ineffective or just not performing.

Sounds like it’s time for a tune-up!

The first thing to ask yourself is whether or not the site is outdated and chiefly ignored by you.  Search engines want fresh content.  So do your viewers!  If a prospective patient or client looks at your website and then returns, only to find that there is no new material or updates, they will not come back.  In addition, they will feel that maybe your practice is not up-to-date either.

Website Strategy

Consider enacting the following steps.


A blog is one of the best ways to add fresh content to your website on a regular basis. (make sure that your blog is attached to your site).  The easiest way to link your blog is through WordPress.

WordPress has two versions- .com and .org

The first version is free and the second has a nominal charge but the advantage of the latter is that there are more templates available and you can also create your own.  Dot org also allows you to link a payment plan to it.

Your blog enables you to update your messages to patients and inform everyone of any changes that have been made to your practice.  Posts showcase solutions to problems that your patients are struggling with and also allow you to provide information about new medical breakthroughs.

Communicating cutting edge information boosts your image and makes your brand stronger.  Both patients and prospective patients will return again and again to read what you have to “say”.


Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) have algorithms that determine your ranking on their sites.  The higher you rank, the more visible your site will be. Let’s face it…no one looks at the listing on page 23. Most patients will stop surfing after the first and maybe second page.

These algorithms reward “quality” information with authoritative content which educates and informs the reader. Doctors who regularly post informative and relevant will boost their ranking and strengthen their own reputation.


Website content can perform double-duty. Changing the format will enable you to take the information from your blog post for use in:

  • Newsletters
  • YouTube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media sites
  • Infograms
  • Ebooks


Patients for the most part want to see physicians who are local to their home or business. Convenience is a primary consideration for many prospective patients and clients.

Local listings are crucial to capture those searching for your services. Update your listings (with map locations of your practice location and office hours) in Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Plus and other directories.


Reach out to professionals in your area and introduce yourself to them. These are the ones that will be a good referral source for you.  In addition, enable them to guest blog onto your site.

Guest blog posts:

  • Free up post creation time for you
  • Increases backlinks
  • Strengthens professional relationships
  • Gives patients additional prospectives and information


There may be some tweaks that you need a professional to do like fixing broken links, improving headlines and titles, creating better tags, adding images and videos and creating more content.

If you feel that you could use another pair of eyes to view your website, contact for a free evaluation.