Determine where your audience goes online when considering your brand-building strategies. After all, they will need to find you in order to view your content.

If you are captivating and build relationships, your influence will spread as followers share your information with friends and family members. Over time, this becomes easier as you gain more relationships and establish a larger number of social media impressions.

Building your practice’s brand is all about building relationships, engaging and educating consumers to retain current clients and attract prospective patients. Ways that this is achieved is by having you perceived as  a thought-leader on the services you provide, promoting a book you wrote, or prompting the launch of a new  program.

Not only do you need to be putting out fresh content, but it must be relevant, in sync with your services and information that you promote as well as create. The key here is how to most effectively spread your messages.


Key Ways to Promote Your Brand

Social Media

Post your written content but more importantly, add images, gifs and videos to your mix.  There is                   much in health that lends itself to videos and images, from medical equipment, procedures to office staff.

Consider the social channels that your patients typically hang out on and these are the sites to concentrate      your efforts on. Younger patients may use Snapchat Geofencing whereas older patients may be on Facebook       or Twitter and YouTube crosses all age groups.


Pitching the Press

Commit to to a content schedule with your editorial calendar and once that is in full swing, it’s time to            reach out to the media. Once you are in print, you can leverage the event with their icons on your website           and “as featured in” prominently displayed. Register with HARO- Help a reporter out to see what the media         is looking for.  You can be the authority that they interview.

Make it a  routine to create, solicit placement, publish articles and press releases as well as promoting.

You need to build an audience outside of your current patient base before you are able to attract new    prospective patients to engage with you, buy your book, or call for an appointment.

Paid Advertising

Starting out with paid advertising for your content is a strategy which speeds up the time it takes to create          an audience and see results.

Pay Per Click on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads are the easiest to use and most common.  Paid advertising provides a much quicker hit rate to compliment the longer-term press outreach and you can designate the demographics for who the ad will reach, (E.g. Age, gender, location)


You can also recycle and curate your content to podcasts which are then circulated widely and listened to            by a larger audience.

What have your experiences been?  Share your successes in the comment box below.