You have a new procedure or service that you are offering in your medical practice.  How do you get the word out to your current patients and prospective patients as well as your professional referrals?

First, let your staff know that you are promoting the new service that you are providing.  They are the first line in contact with the public either by phone, patient portal or at the front desk.  Let them be your emissaries.  Have regular staff meetings where you review the procedure so that your staff understands all about the new procedure and are enabled to field any questions regarding the new service.

Create an article on your office newsletter  or Ezine that you send out to patients. Medical videos go a long way toward patient understanding so that they can see what the procedure is all about in addition to learning about indications, preoperative and postoperative instructions.

Outbound Medical Marketing

Social Media

  •    YouTube- post your videos onto this channel in addition to placing it on your website
  •    Blogs- add information about the procedure, include the most frequent questions and answers
  •    Facebook page- your medical practice should have a dedicated Facebook page and adding the new procedure will enable your patients to know what you are currently providing along with any new changes
  •    Instagram and Pinterest- show images of the new procedure and any medical devices associated with it

Referral Program

Incorporate a patient referral program with acknowledgements or thank you letters to patients that do.  Reward your patients by giving them information sheets that they may value.


Give talks at the local community center or library about the new procedure/service so that the public is aware of the new services that you provide along with information about it.

Referral Chain

Reach out to your colleagues, physicians in your referral chain and various healthcare providers in the community to let them know that these new services are now available to them from you and your medical practice.

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