Marketing is crucial.  After all, if no one knows about the webinar or when it will occur, then no one will come.

There are many ways to market your webinar.  Having exclusivity or time restrictions associated with your marketing does give a sense of urgency to signing up.

Studies show that you should start promoting your webinar a minimum of four weeks in advance.  This allows repetition so that your audience is exposed to the invitation several times. Offer premiums and an advantage for signing up- a benefit that your audience finds both relevant and useful.

Marketing Plan Problems to Solve

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which social media channels does your audience spend time on?
  • Is your webinar part of a series or a stand-alone campaign?
  • What are your webinar goals?
  • Can you measure the results?
  • What key metrics will measure your webinar results?
  • Are you marketing in all forms that will expose your audience to the webinar?
  • How will you encourage potential clients/patients to sign up?
  • Do you have a Call-to-action on your webinar?
  • Did you provide your speakers with the links for their audience?

Key Steps to Your Marketing Plan

  • Contact bloggers that have a big audience in your niche to promote the webinar and to cover it after the event
  • Promote the webinar on all of your social media sites
  • Ask for questions from social media sites which you offer to feature and answer on the webinar
  • Offer the webinar as help in chat rooms and forums that are in sync with your services
  • Choose hashtags for the webinar and maintain the same ones- let everyone know them
  • Reach out to your connections and inform them about the webinar date and time (LinkedIn is an additional helpful spot)
  • Ask the speakers if there is anything they need and discuss your mutual expectations
  • Paid targeted ads on Facebook and Twitter will widen your audience exposure
  • Don’t spam your list.  Make sure that the information is relevant to the recipients on your list and only email them to announce the webinar with an attached calendar for scheduling), a reminder email and a third notice just prior to the time the webinar will start

On the day of the event, make sure that your telephone and internet connections as well your headset and microphone are working.  Print up a copy of the script and slides so that if there is a viewing problem, you can still run the webinar without faltering.

We will next be discussing how to follow metrics and which platforms you can use for your webinar.  Sign up for the future information in the box at the top left corner of this page so you don’t miss any new information.  See you at the next post!