Have you ever noticed that the blog posts, Facebook entries, twitter adds  and newsletters get a much higher open rate when there are photographs or graphic images added?

Images and videos help tell the story and catch the eyes of the viewers. Simply, they promote your content.

The world’s largest online pharmacy ourhealthissues without prescription photo storage is actually Facebook, with more than 50 billion photos stored globally. Did you realize that you can use Facebook as a photo sharing application?

Create a Facebook page to amass fans and likes. As you post new images, which are quite easy to do from a medical prospective, all your followers which liked your page can then see your image on their feed. This enables them to like it, comment, or share it. As they exercise these options, their friends and followers see you too, enabling your images to go viral. (Don’t forget to attach captions and hashtags to your images).

Uploading an image to a group of page is relatively simple. Just head over to your page, click “Photo / Video” and hit “Upload Photo / Video.” Then select the photo from your computer through the browse menu or by dragging the photo onto the site directly.


Similarly, Twitter now enables you to download and share your image.  The beauty of Twitter’s share is that it is always linked to your name. Around 2.25 million pictures are uploaded and shared via Twitter daily with the largest Twitter photo sharing utility being TwitPic.

Since the login Id is the same as your Twitter account, every image you upload is saved with your username and you just authorize TwitPic to use the Twitter account data without having to add anything additional. All the URL data is encoded enabling shares within the 140 character restriction.

All the images you’ve uploaded in the past can be viewed by clicking on your name. Each and every photo has a comment section underneath it, so people can leave comments and opinions about your photographs.

To upload to Twitpic, just login with your Twitter account and click “Upload.” In response to this action, a box will automatically appear by TwitPic so that you can type your message into, along with a character count feature. You can also choose to use location tagging with your image uploads.

As a physician, one has many opportunities to take photos- of medical devices, anatomical model parts, staff members and diagrams that add to a message that you want to convey.

However, there may be times or situations where you want to have a graphic vector, image or video that is not taken by yourself.

Don’t fret!  There are viable options!

Outsource It

You can  enlist the aid of  people to take photos for you. Check out  http://Fiverr.com. There are many photographers that’ll go out and take photos for a measley $5.

There are several sites where you can download free photos or images which are royalty-free and may not have any expense or minimal costs.


Pixabay  is an international website where you can share and obtain  high quality public domain photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and film footage. As of September 2016, more than 750,000 free photos, illustrations, and vectors and 3,100 videos are available on the site. Consumers  can find and contribute quality images and footage films free of copyrights. Everyone is allowed to use, modify and redistribute the images freely – “even in commercial applications – without asking for permission and without accreditation.”


This site has one of the most liberal distribution policies online. Any image you use may be altered,  redistributed or copied all without attribution to Morgue File or to the photographer. The only thing you can’t do is sell the image on its own without changing anything.

Additional Free Stock Images

Free stock images often have associated restrictions. You may be allowed to use the images for a website, but not for print purposes or for distribution through DVDs.

Often time’s you’ll only get lower resolution images for free and need to pay to get the higher resolution versions.

Most images on http://sxc.hu can be used for web purposes, as well as DVD purposes. You need to ask for permission before doing anything that constitutes redistribution.

Paid Stock Photo Images

Paid stock photo image sites pay professional photographers and once their up[loaded photos are online, can then be purchasedt to use those images for commercial purposes.

Some of the top paid stock image sites include:

– http://iStockPhoto.com
– http://Fotolia.com
– http://BigStockPhoto.com

The prices vary depending on the size or resolution of the image. Some sites use a credit system, while other sites you simply pay a straight fee for the image.

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