Many marketers point out that since the human attention span is only eight seconds, (right up there with your typical goldfish) your content needs to be short.

But this does not hold true in health marketing!  People are looking for in-depth information about medical issues and possible diagnoses for their health symptoms.

Prospective patients do read blog posts and interact on forums but there is another tool to implement to your content marketing strategy in health…the white paper.  You may know this as a guide or premium.

Benefits of WhitePapers

1. Authority

The white paper establishes you as an authority in your field and a “go-to” professional because it presents a problem and teaches the solution to it as well. The white papers  are educational and because they boost your reputation and credibility, readers are eager to choose you as their doctor over the other physicians in town.

By asking for an email address to send out a white paper, you are bolstering your database and taking advantage of a lead-gen opportunity. When your content is shared, you are getting further traffic.  The database can then be used to engage viewers for further information and services that you offer.

White Paper Content

According to  Neil Patel, a marketing expert:

“one of the best ways to craft a white paper is to interview an industry expert. Ask your employees to interview and shadow a teammate already well-versed in a skill, learning new techniques over the course of a few weeks of research and writing.”

Think of the medical conditions that you treat and the typical questions you answer each day.  Consider the problems that your patients have and the solutions that you provide.  Now you have your content.  By giving them the white paper covering this issue, you are now engaging your patients and supplying them with the information they need to make an educated decision about the options you discuss.

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