Want to be a fly on the wall to see what people are tweeting or even saying about you and your business?

There is a tool on Twitter called  Advanced Search. See below to check out what it looks like and the entries you  can make.

Advanced search

Very simply, you can enter keywords to view tweets that people are posting in relationship to these keywords and can even filter them by location or people.

Getting this information enables you to have ideas about what is trending, what people are interested in hearing/reading about and what is relevant to your market.  These can provide the basis for content of your own, whether it be a blog post, podcast, tweet or article.

Should you find out that people have issues with your practice or business, it enables you to take immediate action in terms of damage control where you can address the problem (and contact the malcontented client to take the issue offline with you.)

If you find that your clients have some confusion or questions about procedures, products or other services that you provide, you now have the opportunity to address this with content that answers the problems.  This can be in the form of a Q and A or tip sheet on your website/portal, or a specific blog post, podcast or social media post.

If you notice compliments, contact the satisfied client and ask if you can use it across your website or social media as a testimonial.  (It is important to get permission to do this even if the compliment is already online)

The opportunity to use Twitter Search gives you information that you could formerly only acquire through surveys and it’s a whole lot easier!


You do have the keywords (both long tail and short tail) that most effectively work for you, don’t you?

If you have questions about this or would like to know how to select the best keywords to get the results you are after, contact me at Barbara@TheMedicalStrategist.com. Help is on the way!