Gathering email addresses from our patients gives us a goldmine for future use in sending out emails, newsletters and valuable information.  Having an email signature under the name has been shown to increase the benefit further.

Sigstr, a SaaS platform for creating email signature marketing banners, revealed results of its newest study “The   State of Email Signature Marketing”. The study, was performed with more than 1000 emails and “results were gathered both by performance analytics and EyeQuant eye-tracking testing.”

Among large brands, corporate leaders clicked on Target Marketing’s article, “ ‘Hey’ Email Greetings See a 64% Response Rate.”to see how email is a preferred marketing channel.

Research Findings

 Call to Action Banners 


According to the report, producing personalized messaging on Call-To-Action banners (CTA) for each persona with hyperlinks to and having similarly tailored landing pages was the secret to high click through rates (CTR).

“Relevant content sparks higher engagement,” as seen by Sigstr with the highest-performing email usage and the efficacy shown from transitioning away from ” broad, non-personalized content to ABM messaging.”

CTA banners were used on internal emails, as well as “sender-based” emails to clients.

Product Promotion Performed Best Among the CTA Banners

While there are endless possibilities for what marketers can place on email CTA banners, marketers adding product promotion CTA banners below employee email signatures saw the highest engagement rates, reads the report. Event CTA banners came in “at a close second place.”

Think of how you can utilize this as in promoting new services from your practice or the invitations to the health fair that you are involved in.

Results show“Everyday email with customers or prospects represent the perfect channel to educate your audience on new services, packages, offerings or even discounts.”

Graphic Design is key

Consider the size, photos and colors of both banners and buttons too.


The color does matter when it comes to engagement. According to results, purple performs best among the CTA banner background colors. CTA banners without buttons “actually averaged out to have a slightly higher clickthrough rate,” per Sigstr. (Among the CTA buttons, black fared best in CTR.)

As far as images go, illustrations work well but photographic images results in the highest engagement rates for all CTA banners.


The most effective CTA banner dimension is wider and shorter- 300 to 450 pixels X 60 to 120 pixels.

Consider this the next time email campaigns are drafted.

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