Podcasting is hot right now and a great way to spread your message, promoting yourself.  There’s no comparison when it comes to providing your content.  But, you don’t have to use expensive or sophisticated equipment.

A good recording device for video and audio works well, along with a computer program for editing.

Podcast Equipment

Are you ready to add podcasts to your marketing arsenal ? While there are many who believe podcasting is complicated and expensive,  it is actually pretty easy with very little equipment.  You can start with a simple microphone, a pair of headphones, good editing software and  a publishing platform, where you can share your work.


Even if your headphones are not fancy and sophisticated or the latest, you can still use them effectively.  Check the audio with them and record a sample of yourself with them to see how it sounds. For it to be acceptable, you will have to hear everything your guest and yourself say. Microphone and headphone combos tend to produce inferior sound quality so you may want to avoid combos. Rather than getting one in a department store, get one in an audio store (E.G. Bose speakers and headphones).

Microphone Arm

Purchase a microphone arm to avoid having to grip the microphone for the whole podcast. A microphone arm saves you from exhaustion as it frees your hands, allowing you to engage in other activities during the podcast. podcast equipment They produce a consistent sound level despite moving around during the recording.

Shock Mount

This is a device that secures the microphone to the microphone’s arm, preventing extraneous noise from contact or movement of the microphone as in having it moved or knocked into.


Audio Interface

Have problems with a distant dog barking or an annoying nearby clock? Then an audio interface is for you!  This eliminates external interference, helping to create a higher quality podcast.

Audio Mixer

This device helps modulate volumes of various frequencies, thereby improving sound quality.

Portable Digital Recorder

If you want to broadcast and record while you are on the move, this device will enable you to do so.  True, you can use your phone but a digital recorder lasts longer and provides higher quality.


While you can publish your recording in its raw form, it is a better idea to edit the audio file first.  The software allows you to add sound effects and remove the awkward pauses.

Gear Recap

The sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of money you want to invest in equipment for podcasts and if you have a large budget, you may want to get sophisticated gear to start.  But, remember, it is not necessary, especially when just starting out.  As you assemble your gear, just make sure that your microphone and headphones work well because after all, it is the audio that is essentially your podcast. There is no faster way to lose your audience then if they can’t hear or misunderstand the dialogue presented.

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